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Mundoro is committed to staying engaged with the communities in the areas around our projects in order to work cooperatively towards the discovery and responsible development of new deposits and mines.

Donation to elementary school

January 2021

Donation of equipment to the Elementary School in the village of Sumracovac, Serbia.

Internship program with students


Mundoro participated in an internship program with students from Sofia University and the Mining University in Bulgaria. For 3 months the students received mentorship from Mundoro’s field team in Bulgaria.

New computer room for a local school

2007 – 2009

New computer room for a local school in Gaizhou County, China.

Official Olympic school bags

2007 – 2009

Mundoro was pleased to present over 340 official Olympic school bags to the schools in Gaizhou County, China.

Visits to Mundoro’s projects by students


The company organized site visits to Mundoro’s projects by students from the Technical Highschool in Bor, Serbia.