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Community & Culture

Mundoro is committed to staying engaged with the communities in the areas around our projects in order to work cooperatively towards the discovery and responsible development of new deposits and mines.

Donation to Archeological Museum

August 2020 

Mundoro donated to the Archeological Museum in the village of Alexandrovo, Bulgaria. With the funds the museum replaced its glass walls.

“Big Martenitsa Event”

March 2019

Mundoro organized “Big Martenitsa Event” in the villages of Levski, Tsar Asen and Svoboda, Bulgaria. The exchange of “martenitsa” is a unique tradition in Bulgaria and other countries in Eastern Europe.

Supports for folklore festivals

2012 – 2015

Mundoro supports the folklore festivals in the municipalities of Bor, Kucevo and Boljevac, Serbia. These festivals present the cultural heritage of the local communities through traditional folklore dancing, concerts, traditional singing and traditional food. In 2014 Mundoro also supported the local community of Savinac (Boljevac municipality) in repairing the local roads.