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Iskar Project - Bulgaria (JOGMEC)

Location: Northwest Bulgaria

Category: Optioned Projects

Ownership: 51% JOGMEC, 49% Mundoro

Size: 167 sq km

Earn-in Joint Venture:

JOGMEC can earn in 75% with delivery of FS,

JOGMEC can acquire an additional 5% at market

MUN retains 20% carried interest to commercial Production

Commodity: Copper, Sediment Hosted and Porphyry potential

Exploration Stage: Target Definition

Upcoming Exploration: Drill Testing Targets in 2024

Target Areas: Lakatnik & Venets, Garvana, Central, Koznitsa & Gradishte

Project Overview:

Located on the Apuseni–Banat–Timok–Srednogorie (ABTS) belt in upper cretaceous belt known for its copper dominant systems.

Multiple drill target areas for sediment hosted copper systems + new regional prospects.

Leveraging historical data of mining workings with plan maps and cross sections of mineralized ore bodies. The area has not been actively explored since the 1960s when mining operations were active in the region.

Collected grid based soil and rock samples for license wide mapping of geochemistry and alteration.

Completed drone magnetics and CSAMT over main sediment beds.

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