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Dos Cabezas Project - Arizona

Location: Arizona, USA

Category: Available Project

Ownership: 100% Mundoro

Size: 61 sq km

Commodity: Copper

Exploration Stage: Target Testing

Upcoming Exploration: Drill Ready Targets

Exploration Targets: Mescal Canyon, Mineral Park, Casey Copper Canyon, Elma, Pediment Target Areas

Project Overview:

The Dos Cabezas Project is located in SE Arizona, approximately 150 km east of the city of Tucson, within the highly prospective “Laramide” magmatic arc portion of the Southwestern USA cordilleran porphyry belt. The project consists of mixed State Exploration Permits, Federal Unpatented Mining Claims, and exploration agreements with private landowners for a total of approximately 61

Exploration to date has identified three target areas with potential for outcropping porphyry copper targets and two covered target areas.

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